30 MIN Full body Pilates workout // Strengthen and Toning | 14 Day Full Body Challenge

Hi guys,

Welcome to our first week of wellness month! Some of you might remember that during quarantine I completed a Pilates Teacher training course together with my friend Jason. I am excited to share more Pilates workouts on the channel soon. This is one of my first ” classes” so bear with me on any mistakes! Practice makes perfect they say!

Pilates has really helped me tone my body and strengthen all the small muscles. I find this to be a great way to train strength, balance and core and hope you do too!

One of my personal goals during this month is to get stronger than I have ever been. What is your goal for wellness month? Please share with us so we can all help and support each other in this positive community! Sami and I will have 3 workouts ready for you this week so make sure to subscribe and put the notifications on to stay up to date.

Comment below to let me know if you enjoyed this Pilates flow!

XX Sanne

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