Ecamm Live – #1 Live Streaming & Video Production App for Mac

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Ecamm Live is a powerful live-streaming app for Mac. Ecamm lets you stream to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter. You can even bring comments right into your video and customize their look, size, and position right in the app.

But that’s not all Ecamm can do.

You can use Ecamm Live with your mirrorless camera to improve the video quality in your meetings, conference calls, and webinars in Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more.

Need to add your logo to your video? No problem. Want to be on screen? We’ve got you. You can even choose from plenty of picture-in-picture styles if you’re sharing your screen for a tutorial or doing a presentation. You can even add in actual presentations and flip through them.

You don’t even need to be live. You can use Ecamm to record a course in 4K quality and eliminate the need to edit it later.

If you’ve got a green screen, you can bring that into your video. And if you’re feeling fancy, you can create a commentary or a reaction video using Ecamm. Drop in video clips, animations, GIFs, memes, and more.

With Ecamm Live’s interview mode, you have full control of the look and feel of your broadcast. Add branded overlays to frame you and your guests and look like a legit TV-quality broadcast. It’s easy for your guests to join in. Just send them a link. Save each Scene and switch between views with the press of a button.

When it comes to customizing the look and really making your video or broadcast your own, the only limit is your imagination.

Between virtual meetings, school, or streaming, these days we’re on video all the time. And you know the internet is forever. Show up in a way you can be proud of. With Ecamm Live at the center of it all.

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