How to Deconstruct a 27,000 Tonne Giant – Brent Alpha

Our new film reveals each challenging stage of dismantling Shell’s #Brent Alpha oil and gas platform, one of four Brent Field oil and gas rigs #Shell is decommissioning.

Working against the elements in this remote part of the North Sea, a crack team test ingenious engineering solutions specifically designed to remove the rig for recycling. Dangling just five metres above the waves, rope access technicians use blowtorches to slice through Alpha’s legs to free its 17,000-tonne platform.

To do the heavy lifting, Shell call’s in the world’s largest construction vessel, #PioneeringSpirit, and lifts the platform with a huge set of pincers. Next the team must slice through Alpha’s steel legs and support structure – its giant upper jacket – 85 metres under water with the world’s largest diamond cutter. Lifting the giant jacket requires the largest crane vessel on the planet, the #Sleipnir, which must undertake the heaviest single jacket lift in history.

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