Nikon Z 30 – First Impressions with health & food vlogger Alexandra Andersson

Join us as we explore the world of vlogging and how the Nikon Z 30 delivers as a vlogging camera with YouTube and Instagram vlogger Alexandra Andersson (@fivesechealth). Listen in as Alexandra shares how she discovered her passion, got started as a vlogger and what she thought of the Z 30’s performance!

Alexandra is a vegan foodie from Sweden, a certified plant-based nutritionist and a passionate YouTube creator.
Alex’s goal is to inspire others to listen to their own bodies and get healthier with a plant-based and nutritious lifestyle.

A great passion like hers deserves great content and the right vlogging gear to further grow. So, we have teamed up with Alex as one of the first creators worldwide to test and try the new Nikon Z 30.

“In a photo you can see all of the details, but in a video, you can see all the consistencies. […] You can almost taste it when you see a video of food.”

Be inspired. Inspire others.

Curious to see how the Z 30 performs? Explore Alex’s great first vlog with the Nikon Z 30:

Find out more about the Nikon Z 30:

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