Russian war crimes: The end of German illusions?

Russia’s pulling back its forces north of Ukraine’s capital but that’s brought horror rather than relief–as indications of a civilian massacre come to light. The devastating images from the town of Bucha indicate Putin’s forces murdered hundreds of civilians before withdrawing. That’s sparking new calls for harsher sanctions including an embargo on Russian fossil fuels. So far Germany’s been resisting, fearing massive harm to an economy highly dependent on Russian gas. The predicament is prompting a new look at politicians who enabled that dependence.

Our guests: Claudia Kemfert (DIW), Matthew Karnitschnig (Politico), Malte Lehming (Tagesspiegel)

00:00 Russian war crimes: The end of German illusions?
03:20 The war in Ukraine is about fossil fuels
05:35 The west must react to Russian war crimes
07:40 The war was financed with Russian gas exports
11:30 Germans encouraged Putin’s war
14:55 What price are Germans willing to pay for Ukraine?
16:45 Germans must agree to gas embargo
19:30 Germany can import gas from other countries
24:50 A new German ‘realpolitik’ on energy


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