SHIMANO 105 Di2 is here

In 1982, Shimano 105 was launched to the cycling world, slotting beneath Dura-Ace and Shimano 600 Series (later rebranded Ultegra). The new road group quickly gained popularity as a budget-friendly platform that delivered high-level functionality trickled down from higher-end models. In the ensuing decades, Shimano 105 was updated seven times, each iteration providing ever-improving technology in an approachable package.

This year, as Shimano 105 celebrates its 40th anniversary, the ultimate every-rider road group is getting the ultimate upgrade. Introducing the new Shimano 105 Di2 R7100 Series electronic shifting drivetrain, which once again delivers easier operation, increased reliability, and less maintenance in a more attainable package. Indeed, this eighth version of Shimano 105 signals a new day for the component line while staying true to the group’s original mission to bring affordable performance to more riders.

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