The Easter Story | The Life of Jesus

Do you wonder what the story of Easter is all about? Discover how Jesus changed the course of history in this movie about his life! Check out this fragment with the full Easter story from The Life of Jesus, a story told by his closest friends.

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0:00:00 Jesus washes disciples feet
0:05:03 Last Supper
0:13:38 Jesus Arrested in the Garden
0:16:43 Peters’ Betrayal
0:19:21 Jesus Judged by Pilate
0:27:51 Crucifixion
0:34:27 Jesus Buried in the Tomb
0:35:33 Resurrection: an Empty Tomb
0:38:45 Jesus Appears to the Disciples
0:40:28 Doubting Thomas
0:42:00 The Purpose of Gospel of John

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