The Problem of Plastic Pollution in the Rio Motagua, Guatemala | Rivers | The Ocean Cleanup

For over three years we have been working on developing an Interceptor project in the Rio Motagua basin in Guatemala, which suffers yearly trash tsunamis, devastating the environment. Subscribe to stay updated:

Geographic and municipal conditions mean an estimated 20,000 tonnes of plastic currently flows through the Rio Motagua into the Caribbean Sea on an annual basis. Based on this number, this one river alone is responsible for an estimated 2% of global plastic emissions into the oceans.

In May, we trialed our Interceptor Trashfence, aiming to intercept up to 20M kg of plastic flowing through the Rio Motagua into the Caribbean Sea each year. The pilot phase is completed, we’ve disassembled the Trashfence, and we’ll study the learnings from this exciting trial. Stay tuned to see our next steps as we tackle this yearly trash tsunami in the Caribbean.

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