This Is Why Python Data Classes Are Awesome

Data classes in Python are really powerful and not just for representing structured data. In this video, I show you what you can do with dataclasses as well as new capabilities that have been added in Python 3.10.

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🔖 Chapters:
0:00 Intro
0:49 What are data classes?
1:37 Explaining the example
4:00 Dataclasses basics
5:45 Assigning default values
8:54 Excluding arguments from the initializer
9:44 Using post_init to generate extra fields
11:25 Private/protected members
11:59 Excluding information from the repr
12:43 Freezing a dataclass
14:59 (new in Python 3.10) kw_only
16:10 (new in Python 3.10) match_args
17:00 (new in Python 3.10) slots
21:30 Final thoughts

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