What is an Electromagnetic Wave?

You might know that light can be described as a flow of particles called photons or/and as a wave depending on how you observe it. The wavelike description of light is that light is an electromagnetic wave.

But what is an electromagnetic wave?

When you dive into this question, the answer is actually quite fascinating, even if we remain within the realm of 19nth century classical physics.

In just 3 minutes of physics video, you will learn
_ What an electro-magnetic wave is (or electromagnetic radiation).
_ What is magnetic and electric about light.
_ How radio works. Yes, a radio-wave is also an electromagnetic radiation.
_ How to make a piece of metal glow light!

This video involves notions related to electric fields. For a quick refresher on electric fields, check this you-tube video:

For a deeper dive, here’s a fantastic course on the subject:

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This video is produced and presented by Edouard Reny, Ph.D. in solid state chemistry and private tutor in Physics.

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